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Celebrando Leonardo represents the best solution to catch the opportunity, of visibility and relaunch, the recurrence of the 500 years since Leonardo Da Vinci's death offers to Italy. It's a structured and branched project, that came alive from an idea by Alberto Vincenzo Vaccari supported by an heterougeneous group of business and professionals of various sectors.
The main target is not a mere commemoration of a man considered a "universal genius", the research of an exploit and then silence. Rather is the creation of a durable system, that extends further the 2019(Casa Leonardo and Festa del Paradiso have a program that goes beyond the 2019) oriented to the promotion of "Italianity" and creativity



Alberto Vincenzo Vaccari

Author of Celebrating Leonardo 500

Art expert



+39 347 484 029

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Vanna Maria Annichini

Expert in the manual arts suitable for physical and mental well-being

Graduated in A.MI. UNIVERSITY Milan academy

President of Associazione culturale Mani d' Oro

Viale della Rimembranza

5b - 37030 - Grezzana (VR)

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