Birth of the project - About Us

We left on 7/7/2016 with the Prefecture of Verona, to officially request the Patronage of the President of the Republic, the Patronage of the then Government and Ministries. We are a non-profit Cultural Association, with only C.F. which is supported with few cards and money spent on its own
July 2016

First conference

In September 2016 we held a First Conference sponsored by the Province of Verona, in the Council Chamber of the same, with Testimonial Dr. Antonio Lubrano of RAI
September 2016

Milan conference

In March 2017 we held a press conference in Milan at the Palazzo Giuriconsulti of the Milan Chamber of Commerce, paying us the Parlamentino room
March 2017

Creation of symbols

We invented the Enogral Cup because he was a wine producer

AWe invented the Time Dish for 7 arts, 7 styles, 7 courses that trace 500 years from the Renaissance of Leonardo to today

We have forged the Commemorative Bell of Leonardo at the Pontifical Foundries Marinelli for 500 years, with the face of Leonardo and the effigy of the Italian state
April/December 2017

Ideation Leonardo's house

We invented Leonardo's house for an App, divided into 3 sectors: Technology for industry; Renaissance Palace for fashion; Tavern Leonardo for food
January 2018

World preview

2nd May 2018, exactly one year after the official anniversary, we organized "a World Preview of Celebrando Leonardo" at the prestigious setting of Villa Arvedi in Verona, where we presented the first certificates as Testimonial of Celebrando Leonardo, to distinguished personalities for to make a worldwide network, others we will give in the next few years]

Data certificates to famous personalities such as prof. Vezzosi or to the car builder Horacio Pagani , or to the President of the Union Camere del Veneto and to the memory of Carlo Pedretti
May 2018

Search for collaboration

We used a hotel school for "Leonardo chef", a school association of artisans with ten architects for the Scenic Machine from a writing by Leonardo; a mechanical school and a computer school (ITS Last of Verona - User Experience)
September 2018

2nd May 2019

We wrote an unpublished script to represent Leonardo in theaters and stages of the world, with "The Paradise Festival", to be performed by Oki dance de Paris, with images in augmented reality

We have incorporated a theatrical representation “Leonardo sei tu” to explain Leonardo in the schools

We have designed and elaborated "Dinner with Leonardo, with 500 guests, one for each year", with menus specially recreated

We have created an unpublished hymn “Leonardo's Song, with the Sonohra winners of the S. Remo youth festivals and the Saifham Group record company

We have written a book with a hotel school entitled: "Il piatto del tempo e la coppa enogral"

May 2019