Leonardian Bell

The Leonardian bell, also known as "Leonardesca", has been made by Fonderie Pontificie Marinelli of Agnone. It has got the relief of the Leonardo's self-portrait.

It will ring on the 2nd of may in Turin for the 500 years since the death of the universal genius, care of Associazione Culturale Mani D'Oro.

[PHOTOS] Leonardian Bell with the President of Federazione Italiana Suonatori di Campane Eles Belfontali and the maker Marinelli of Fonderia Pontificia di Campane Marinelli.

The Time Dish

“What if I put the meat between two slices of bread? But how can I call this food?”
- Leonardo da Vinci -

Leonardo is an innovator and genius even in the cuisine. He left us numerous gastronomic notes scattered among his various writings, notes that show his expertise, his greediness, his desire to experiment and innovate even in cuisine.
This "Time Dish" wants to represent the 7 compartments for 7 styles, 7 foods, 7 courses, 7 arts: Renaissance, Baroque, Rocaille, Neoclassic, Eclecticism, Liberty, 20th century Painting, Sculpture, Musics, Architecture, Writing, Dance and Theater, Cinematography.

[PHOTOS] The Time Dish, revealed by the school principal Domenico Luigi Bongiovanni of the Institute Hotelier Angelo Berti of Verona, with Fabio Tacchella of the National Chefs Federation.

Enogral Cup

The Enogral Cup has appeared in a Leonardo vision in Celebrating Leonardo 500 years after her death.

It contains the symbol of centuries of history in the name of nature, with grapes that turn into wine, through ingenuity, science and the technique of knowing how to cultivate the land, making use of one's knowledge, like Leonardo wrote.

[PHOTOS] The president of Associazione culturale Mani d’Oro, Vanna Maria Annichini, with Fiorenza Quintarelli discover the Enogral Cup.